Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Great Desk Project has begun

So I've decided finally how to re-organize things in this little house. 

And the key is building a custom desk.

But before I build the desk, I need to paint the window trim (while I can easily reach it).

And I at least need to finally start replacing the carpet with hardwood floors, even if I just do the area for the desk and chair for now.

Well, while I'm at it the old entertainment center needs to go, that'll free up a lot of space.

And you know, the baker's rack I've used as a bookshelf...hmmm, you know now that I've whittled down my book collection over the years (lots of old textbooks, obsolete reference books, etc could go), and figuring at some point I'll get a Kindle and start to do electronic books I bet I can build perimeter shelves and get rid of the baker's rack to free up another big bit of see how this project is threatening to spiral out of control.

Finally settled on plan for the shelf and decided to rough it today. It's a simple plan, 3/8" x 8" eye screws would support 3/4" hardwood (oak) plywood. Standard studs are 16" on center, maybe 24" if you're being cheap. Either would provide enough support.  Use some "J hooks" cut down to the right size with a Dremel tool to tie the board to the screws.

Once I decide on a stain for the desk which will also oak plywood and the color of the metal legs (Kee fittings from these guys: ...they'll powder coat the aluminum poles and fittings to order for a reasonable price), I'll stain the shelf and paint the eye screws to match.

The plan, however, became a fiasco because as I should have repair the damage from the '78 fire Papu used whatever lumber he had hanging around to make a frame that looked good to his eye, not something that met any standard. Many holes drilled, probing around, buying a stud I can tell instead of studs evenly spaced every 16" over the 10' wall, there's two sets of studs -- each set 17-1/2" on center from each other, with 30-1/2" between the two sets of studs. With more and longer horizontal pieces then I would expect.

Oh, and at least I'm replacing the carpets since I decided I should wash the walls before I put up the shelf and managed to kick over a gallon and a half of soapy water on to the carpet :rolleyes:

BUT, I managed to get something up that at least gives an indication what the perimeter shelving will look like:

 I'll take that down (hopefully this weekend) and do some work to piece together two boards to span the entire length of the wall, and figure out how to support the ends in the absences of studs near the outside ends.

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