Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bookshelf Progress

It's OK.  I should have actually lagged the screws in not level but tipped slightly upwards, so once loaded they would've bent to dead nuts level.  Like the big truck trailers then bend upwards in the middle when unloaded.  Still looks OK though it isn't perfectly level.

I extended the board by 15" by using dowels and wood glue, first time I've tried that.  I wouldn't try selling my work, but from 15' away were I'm sitting now it looks fine.

If I do dowels in the future, I should make a template as a guide...would make lining up the holes much easier.

I'm planning a shelf on the wall to the right, and I'm figuring when I'm done with staining the shelves I'll use dowels (perhaps without glue) to tie the shelves together so they look like a single unit.

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Rebecca Foster said...

I like high book shelves, looks great!