Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're mulching

Not that much done this weekend -- had to work at the data center with three co-workers moving servers from 11pm to 2:30am, was 4am Sunday before I went to bed. So I didn't push myself Saturday and spent most of Sunday asleep!

Taters before:

Had some nice leaf litter at the dump today I picked up for mulch. Ended up with three loads of leaves and 1/2 load of grass clippings.

Also bought a bale of straw...$8.75 plus tax. I think the sales tax is new?

So I'm alternating "straw" and "leaf" mulched taters (I'll also shovel in the soil to mix it into the hills). Interested in seeing if one works better then the offer. Especially if free leaf mulch works better :D

I won't used the grass immediately next to my veggies since I don't know what chemicals may have been applied. But it's great for compost and/or creating compost or mulching un-planted areas in my garden.

Two loads of leaves on the Blueberries. Yeah, I gotta mow :)

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