Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicken, Rice, and Greens

First time cooking turnip greens, probably first time I've eaten them. The answer is: tastes like spinach!

Garden Asparagus & Turnip Greens, plus store bought Broccoli steamed. Asparagus was picked a week ago but has keeping excellent in a glass of water (think flower vase), a trick Mom showed me last week. Asparagus & Broccoli in the steamer for 3 minutes, then add the turnip greens (tear the leaves from the main stem) for five more (total of 8 minutes). Turned off the burner and left it in for a few minutes while I finished the chicken.

Store bought chicken, grilled on the George Foreman.

Texmati brand brown rice.

Bit of Sweet & Sour sauce. Thinking it would've been better with just a little bit of butter for the rice & veggies, with either a fresh squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon or two of lemon sauce for the chicken.

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