Saturday, May 25, 2024

Working in the Yard

Actually hiding from the afternoon heat right now, hoping to go back out around 6pm and zip around on the mower cutting more stuff to haul with the tractor tomorrow.

I'm starting to get pretty adept basically using the zero-turn mower as a wheel chair as I cut brush back around the yard. Here I'm picking some brush with a reach tool and stacking it so I can grab it later with the tractor forks.

Got the front end of the tractor greased up, checked oil, checked hydraulic fluid.

Had a zerk that gave me trouble, and while checking if the zerk was bad or what I dropped it and it poofed into an alternative universe -- never heard it hit the concrete, never found it.

But it was a pleasant day to drive to Tractor Supply with the Jeep top open :)

Can't really tell, but I pulled out some of the wild rose I cut from around the birch tree, and added to the pile some small trees I cut down by the house, before hauling it away.

Hopefully next pic of the birch will show a lot of progress -- now that it's a bit thinner I need to come over with the mower and pole saw and cut more of the roses back.

Stacking stuff to make fewer runs to the brush dump.

This bush along the drive way is a bit hacked up at the moment, but at least for the first time in years I've gotten the multiflora rose out of it.

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