Friday, May 31, 2024

Friday Assembly

Had a wicked, wicked bad inflamation attack on Tuesday and ended up leaving work shortly after I got their because my temper was hair trigger.

Much better on Wednedsay, but ended up putting about 12 hours in after a last minute issue came up :/

Thursday started off raining, but I think I also still had a touch of whatever was related to the inflammation. Had the day off but didn't do much.

Friday I finally got a few hours in, not as much as I wanted but feeling a bit fatigued so taking it easy now.

But first a pic from this past the heck did I turn off my tractor but leave the key "on"??? I don't remember ever killing my batttery before (except when it sat a long time).

Got a little garden seat, hoping it helps me scoot around on some yardwork stuff...

I **think** I bought this two years ago? Finally assembled it, although it's getting a later in the year so I'm not sure I'll plant anything in it. Have to put it in place and then get some dirt from the garden to fill it.

But it will be ready for next year!

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