Sunday, February 11, 2024

Road Trip 2023 Day 22

September 15th.

Leaving the hotel -- I'm not exagerating it was just in a hell of an odd place

I'm assuming they'll eventually be more development?

Redbird State Recreation Area, Indiana.

Couple easy (famous last words...) Jeep Badge of Honor Trails to pickup here.

This will bring me up to four badges on this trip -- Top of the World, Engineer Pass, and the two Redbirds.

So, I ummmm...missed a turn.

And as soon as my front tires dropped much faster than expected I knew I was in trouble.

Tried a few times then called the Redbird Rescue whose business card they hand out when you pay your entrance fee :D

Volunteer group, asks for donation (I wish they set fees so I wouldn't have to guess and hope I guessed high enough).

Couple retired guys came out and gave me the quick tug I needed. I could get my rear out of the puddle so no one got wet during this recovery.

After that they gave me a tour taking me through much of the other easy trail.

We parted ways here -- they went off to check out a newer tougher section one of the guys hadn't been on yet.

Back out on the main drag.

Cool obstacle course:

Finding a car wash was non-optional after my little mud puddle mishap...

Cool old 2wd Dodge in awesome shape was in front of me.

Heading into Columbus, OH for the night.

Time to plan for the final long day...

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