Sunday, February 11, 2024

Road Trip 2023 Day 19

September 12, 2023

Trip since I first passed through Denver -- we're back in the center were all the short tracks are and need to go back to Denver today.

The weather was spectacular -- and During the day there were some flies that disappeared at sunset; at night I could leave the back of the Jeep open and not bother screening the windows.

It was at this point I realized someone had stole the bright yellow shackles from the bumper. I'm 95% sure it was the hotel the night before I picked up Eric which despite being a Comfort Inn is definitely on my "Sketchy section of the city, don't stay" list. Not just for this reason...they had a security guard in the hall, among other issues.

Haven't taken I-70 east to Denver before, always just west bound before so a new perspective :)

Glen Canyon


No pics, but we ate dinner at Ted Turner Montana Grill; bison was awesome.




Colorado State Capitol

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