Sunday, February 11, 2024

Road Trip 2023 Day 20

September 13, 2023
Left Denver before Eric even woke up; the hotel had an airport shuttle so he could hang out there until it was closer to his flight time.

I'd make to the Kansas City, KS suburbs by nightfall -- and apparantely was watching Trail Mater when I took a map screenshot :D

Didn't get a pic, but once I got into a fog bank I eventually pulled off the interstate into a tiny town for like a half hour to let it lift; just wasn't really safe on the highway IMHO.

Colorado/Kansas border -- notice the windsock.

That will be important later...

Wow, driving into the wind across Kansas is really killing my gas mileage (I checked because I noticed the gas gauge falling noticeably faster).

It can't get worse?

Can it?

Maybe I should stop checking...

Missed the exit for the hotel, but that let me turn around and see this gorgeous sun set.

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