Sunday, April 11, 2021

Jeep Tools...

So the back is a mess...and I wouldn't mind having a current invetory of the field tool kit...

That wool blanket I can trace back to being in our '77 Scout as well. Heck now that I think of it...the baling wire I have came off a roll that I remember also being in the Scout!

1/2" Drive
Ratchet, 25" Breaker Bar, Extension Set, U-Joint
Forgot to write down sizes -- up to 7/8" SAE
Metric through 19mm
20mm Deep in case lug nuts swell
36mm axle nut

Figure might as well leave the 3/4" on the ratchet for taking off the sway bar links.

Screw drivers
Pry Bar/Chisel thingy from Milwaukee
Trim Removal Tool
Nut Driver / Torx / Small Hex

3/8 Drive
Extension (u-joint to be transferred from another bag)

Zip Ties
Baling Wire
Pipe Clamps

1/4" Drive
Screw it, not inventorying them.

The Junk Drawer of the tool bag.

Wrenches - up to 3/8" and 15mm

3/8" SAE
Moved the extension and u-joint to the bag that has the wrench. May try finding a small bag to put these it within the other 3/8" drive bag.

So looking through and what I used this weekend I want to add to the kit:
-- 19mm or 3/4" wrench
-- 1/2" to 3/8" adapter

Chainsaw pouch --
Brush clippers

Fire Extinguisher
Traffic Vest
Fiskar extandable brush cutters
Orange rain coat
LED Broken down vehicle warning thingy

Tire Repair Kit
Behind it in the ziplock bag is a 6-ton bottle jack. Probably need a nice couple 4x4x4 blocks for it to be useful...

Couple traction boards against back seat
Hiking poles on top of them.
Fiskars axe
Seat tucked up on the passenger side and held down with a piece of velcro to keep from rattling.

Blue Bag:
-- Clothes
-- Woobie
-- New England DeLorme Atlases

Green Bag -- first aid kit

Wheel Chocks

Black & Yellow Bag:
-- 12' Grade 100 logging chain (I think it's 12'...)
-- Green-pin steel shackles
-- Trailer Hitch with 2" ball
-- Trailer Hitch with shackle

Hmmm...forgot to put the pack with the rest of the winch stuff in the pic:
-- Winch Controller
-- 30' Recovery Rope
-- 20' Tow Strap
-- 30' Tow Strap
-- Tree Saver
-- (2) Soft Shackles
-- Plastic & Garbage Bags

Milwaukee chain needed
Not shown: Battery jump needed

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Ballu said...

Hahah You have every tools in your jeep bring some power tools power tools also.