Sunday, April 11, 2021

Jeep Club run to the Berkshires...

Gorgeous bit of private land right nicknamed "The Farm."

I've always liked these two twin colonial era houses in Andover (or Bolton?).

Was trying to avoid interstates as much as possible, in hindsight I could've taken out the I384/I291/I93 bit by cutting over the Bradly Field via East Windsor then catching up with Route 20.

Long drive anyway you cut it, Google Maps said this way was 10 miles shorter and 10 minutes longer than taking the Mass Pike as the primary road.

Granville, MA? Route 57, I don't recall ever being on this road before. Desperately want to return with my camera when I have time and better light!

Steep Grade!

Don't see many runaway ramps in Massachusetts!

Hmmm...looks like that could be a trail...

The approach to the Pit of least that's what I'm calling it :D Maybe should have called it the Rock Pile of Despair.

And my turn through the pit:

Next Jeep after me:

And the last Jeep down the pile:

LOL...pardon my French, but I loved my out loud thought at about 1:09 mark:

The afternoon yellow loop while other folks went to clear tougher trails...we went down a trail that ended up having 7 trees that fell in the last two weeks. I might not be able to do lot these days, but at least I could share some experience around 32:05

Evidence of some of the old quarrying work in the area:

Before I left:

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