Thursday, August 8, 2019

Point Judith Redux

Rockville Mill on the way there. Beautiful, utterly impractical rehab -- 14 Section 8 apartments for the low sum of $298,000 each (Ok, plus a post office open four hours a day to pick up some of the rent.) There was a single car in the parking lot, checking Google it seems the well has failed and they lost Section 8 status so the project is in limbo at the moment. Well, continuing limbo since the original developer fled the country shortly after the project opened and the mortgage holder (a bank in Utah) has been keeping it running to avoid taking a bath on it.
Canon EOS 50D,0.000625 1/1600, f/8, focal length 25, ISO 200

Not sure why I didn't get EXIF data on the rest of these :/

Condo complex that had some lovely flowers...I may need an 8x12 frame since I'm not liking any of the 8x10 crops I try and I don't think a 4x6 print will do them justice.

Camp Cronin

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