Sunday, August 18, 2019

Playing with Flash & Jerry

So this starts off with a Reddit post with this beautiful photo:

Folks were asking how it was done, and some folks were talking about using background sheets and such and I answered "expose for flash, and some distance from the background."

(Based on another comment, at least in part if not all, I believe this was really bright sunshine from windows behind the photographer instead of flash -- basically same idea, but gave cooler "catchlights" in the eyes! Same principles apply of high aperture, fast shutter so only the subject is exposed and the background is 100% underexposed, or done so in post production.)

Since I'm being anti-social today and don't even feel like going outside to play work in the yard (it's kind of schmegy), I figured I'd go back and provide them an example of what can be done with modest equipment.

This is my "studio" (please ignore dust, etc. and an iPhone struggling with the window light v. rest of room)

iPhone 7,0.06666666666666667 1/14, f/1.8, focal length 3.99, ISO 50

It was good for me to practice a bit, I need a lot more practice with flash though I figure I have the winter to play with it :)

But pretty soon I had this dialed in:

:shrug: I don't know why it won't display portrait on it and you'll see the pic correctly.

Canon EOS 50D,0.004 1/250, f/22, focal length 50, ISO 3200

Well frack me, I got a Reddit Gold for the post I took these pics for:

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