Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Windmills and Reservoirs

Hrrrmmmphhh...couldn't find my remote switch (or remember how to set the camera timer) and it is supposed to rain the next four days.

I bought a $20 set of ND filters (sunglasses for cameras) so I could slow the exposures down. Although I was braced against a fence, there is still an awful, awful lot of handshaking in the pics. Once the trees leaf out I'll return and set the camera up on a tripod and remote trigger to eliminate camera movement:

I used the full stack of 2-4-8 for a total of 14
Canon EOS 50D, 1.6 (), f/25, focal length 35, ISO 100

Ok, same pic as above with more playing in Lightroom -- still don't think I have it dialed in just right:

Same pic once again, but I realized there was a stonewall in the background and used that in Lightroom as the "neutral gray" source for setting the light balance. Next time I do this I'll bring my "gray card" with me that provides a 100% accurate gray that is used for setting the light balance correctly. The light balance can then be adjusted on the camera before taking the photo, or afterwards in Lightroom by applying settings from the sample gray card photo.

Then I took the above photo and went +1 on the exposure in Lightroom. I don't think I could have done the exposure different on the camera without reducing the size of the "blur" on the windmill.

Canon EOS 50D, 1.6 (), f/25, focal length 38, ISO 100

Now with the same LR settings as the previous photo set plus a little bit of fiddling with the tone curve. If the three windmills were facing me (and the photo was sharp) this would be cool:

...and the Scituate Reservoir was a spectacular blue this afternoon:

Canon EOS 50D, 0.02 (), f/25, focal length 200, ISO 400

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