Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Will Spring Ever Get Here Picture Dump

It's been a looooong month since 3/13 (when we had a solid 18" snowstorm) of just complex problem after complex problem at work...or being sick. And no truck as they do a couple thousand dollars in repairs to it.

So what would 4/11 bring? Ice fog. We would have ice fog on 11th of April.

I did capture some nerds in their native environment at work.

Couple days after the ice fog was this weird, low cloud. I assume it's a contrail, but it was super low for a contrail.

Trucks came back home on Saturday!

Sunday is Tax Day and I needed a new printer...but hey cool, I can print direct from my iPhone to the printer!

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Karen said...

Looking very updated. Hope your spring starts soon