Sunday, April 8, 2018

Media Wall Work...

Matt Kivela, it's an old Indian word for "One who makes a mess."

But finally got to work on the electronics wall, fitting in the left over butcher block as I could. Easy enough to replace it again in the future as funds allow, although it didn't really come out that bad looking and probably will be fine once stuff is on it.

Now of course I need to clean the rest of the counter tops so I can sand and seal them too.

This needs a second coat tomorrow, then it has to cure for 72 hours before I can start using the shelves.

I got the smoke detectors installed last Sunday along with the last of the electrical outlets (except under the island)...but I waited till I got back from Easter at Pam's to actually flip the breakers on...I have such confidence in myself :D

Next up: Find the remote control and power cord for the TV. *sigh*

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