Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Big List of What Was Done...

See if I can remember it all:

Basic house history:
-- Built originally at Groton Sub Base; Assessor lists it as 1949 but it is likely as World War II housing;
-- Moved after the 1955 floods to Putnam as emergency relief housing;
-- Moved to current site 1965;
-- Suffered serious fire damage in 1978 and was repaired at that time;
-- Minimum work (structural, electrical, plumbing) needed to make house financeable performed in 1999 (when I bought it).
-- Sauna was built during or just before World War II (I have a news clipping mentioning the bonfire held here on VJ Day). This is due to be rebuilt in the next round of work.
-- Summer Kitchen/Screen Porch was then built off the Sauna. This was torn down 2016.

House very much needed new shingles. In order to have a good surface to attach the new shingles the following was needed...or while we were at we might as well also do:

-- Replaced sills as necessary, ~40%
(~20% sills replaced in 1999 still OK; remaining original sills OK)
-- Closed off broken basement windows that were, anyways, inadequate to provide proper ventilation
-- New bulkhead door
-- ~40% of floor joists and subfloors replaced
(Remaining floor joists were sistered in 1999)
-- New tile floors over new subfloors
-- New carpet rest of house
-- Siding and sheathing removed
-- All existing (2x3) studs were sistered by 2x4s
-- All insulation replaced
-- New sheathing and vapor barrier
-- New siding (CertainTeed Monogram 0.046")
-- New windows (Marvin, except one Pella over kitchen sink)
-- New exterior doors
-- ~50% of interior sheetrock replaced
-- Complete gut and rebuild of bathroom
-- Existing roof (shingles, sheathing, 2x4 rafters, etc.) removed
-- New 2x12 "box" built around and on top of frame in order to support new roof
-- New roof (2x10 rafters, sheathing, 100% water and ice barrier coverage, lifetime GAF shingles)
-- Kitchen ceiling vaulted, ~30% of living space under vaulted ceiling
-- New kitchen cabinets, sink, countertops, etc.
-- New Hot Water Heater
-- 90% of plumbing replaced.
1999 plumbing left unchanged: supply and drain pipes for washer, drain pipe for kitchen sink.
-- New 200A electrical service, replaced 100A service installed in 1999
90% of electrical wiring replaced.
Nothing not up to current codes remain.
-- Mini-split HVAC installed, two-heads
-- Wood stove chimney re-installed and extended
-- New Mantle & Hearth for wood stove

"Phase 2" to do after we get the mortgage refinanced:
-- Re-roof detached garage
-- New deck
-- Replace existing deck with patio
-- Rebuild sauna / storage shed

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