Monday, April 11, 2016

Some more miscellanous pics from the last couple months...

Cleaning up my iPhone some tonight.

Got the Rockwell print hung I continue painting. One day it'll be over the roll-top desk.

Dalmatian drinking a Guiness for St. Patrick's Day? Yes Please!

Train tracks on a train on train tracks? Betcha only time I see that in my life!

One of my co-workers likes to bust my balls my reaching into my cube and turning off my fourth monitor as he walks by. So I modified the power switch so the button no longer actually triggers the switch :D

Nice job parking, Brian o_O

And of course food pics :D

Scored left-over salad from Panera from a catered lunch at work.

God, I wish I could remember what this cut of beef was -- it was fairly cheap too, with a $2 off sticker at the supermarket. Came out really well.

Breaded fish.

Got lots of potatoes left over from Easter @ some burger and frozen mixed veggies made Shepherd's Pie for the week:

What happens when you shop while tipsy...

Baked Salmon, fries, and (of course LeSeur) peas:

And I've been binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently...and seriously crushing on Emma Caulfield :D

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