Monday, April 11, 2016

New Mower

Cub Cadet GT 2550 Garden Tractor to replace Mickey, which was a Cub Cadet HDS 2155.

The 2155 was about 20 years old, I've had about five years.
The 2550 is 10 years old with 220 hours, and is in great shape. I'm hoping to get 15-20 years out of least.
At the time it was made CC had four classes of machines -- the 1000 series for big box stores, the better 2100 series of lawn tractors, the 2500 series (like this) which was a big step up in quality and serviceability, and the 3000 series which added items like power steering and direct shaft drive of the mower deck.

Bought it for $1300 which I thought was a steal -- if he was asking $2000 I would've thought it a fair price (if not more than I wanted to pay)...the equivalent quality machine from Cub Cadet today would be in the $5500-6000 range, this mower probably sold for around $4500 when new.

Borrowed Eric's trailer to pick it barely fit (as in it was scraping both sides of the trailer!):

Mickey, which has no muffler, has a mower deck held up by zip ties, burns a pint of oil per mowing, and has a leaking transmission really has no value to anyone to try and sell I'll keep it for mowing the off-lawn of areas I recently cleared brush until it dies. And also to mow some of the areas too tight to use the new mower until I can adjust the width of my landscaping.

Old mower was 42", new one is 50".

Since they can't both fit in the garage along with keeping my big tractor in there, and still have room to walk around in it to use it as a workshop, I bought a cover for the old mower.

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