Monday, September 28, 2015

Lots of stuff in a few September days...

Think the ignition switch finally died on the Mickey the Mower...time to "tow" it to the garage :D

So I probably should pay more attention at work, I knew a vendor invited us out -- I put "Hard Rock thingy" on my calendar. Thursday night was at the House of Blue's function room, across from Fenway (the vendor sent a limo to pick us up). The band was "Dirty Waters" featuring a couple of the founding members of Boston!

Office shenanigans. I was not involved.

Got the maul hockey-taped up properly!

Saturday was quite a productive day, including finishing my woodpile for the winter -- though I have a few more hours of work to split some small "cookwood" pieces to stack on the deck and in the house; I use those on top of the kindling to get the larger, not well seasoned pieces going:

Front step has needed repairs (over-boarding with Trex composite lumber) for a long time. Tractor forks make for a nice work area!

Saturday night I had an "asthma" attack for the first time in a long while, I was wondering what caused it...till I started running a fever that night. Damn it, caught the chest cold that is going around. Didn't get much done on Sunday. Monday I took off sick, I was doing a little better but still way more exhausted than just sitting in a seat running a tractor should have made me. If I was 100% I could've gotten all this project done in two days.

Figured out it is much easier/efficient to use the front end loader to rough in the trench than the backhoe!

Next up on the septic repairs will be making sure I have the right grade (1/8" per foot is fine, and it will be much steeper after the "bend"), and once I start to layout the grade to finish the rest of the trench. I dug out towards the dry well too, but stopped about three feet shy which I will do with the backhoe and then shovel to make sure I don't disturb the stones.

There is a chance of heavy rain this week, and chance of rain predicted every day through the weekend :(

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