Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Ox Maul

Over the last 9 or so cords split by Fiskars Super Splitter, I've built up a pile of 'bout 1/2 cord of uglies that either defied Fiskarization or I knew better than to try.

Not all of them look like they require noodling though...

So this fellow followed me home today -- the Stihl Pro Splitting Maul (which best I can figure out is the same head as a PA-80, but substitutes a hickory handle with steel collar in place of the lower-cost ash handle of the PA-80). It's made by the German firm Ochsenkopf, and it is their "Big Ox" model branded as a Stihl.

Two of the three pieces I pulled off the uglies pile responded positively. One continued to mock me. Was just a quick test since I was still dressed for work, but looks like it will reduce the amount of needed noodling appreciably.

I will be wrapping the top the handle / collar with hockey stick tape before I use it anymore..."overstrike" is a common event with me, especially with infrequently used tools.

It also stuck pretty hard a couple times. I might give the head a polishing with some fine, wet sandpaper to see if it helps it slip out easier.

The first piece shows previous resistance to the Fiskars:
This one I just sized up and said it wasn't worth trying with the Fiskars. Maybe if it was 10 degrees out I would've tried it, but I don't feel like waiting. :D

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