Monday, July 6, 2015

Late June & Independence Day Photo Dump

Saturday the 27th...time to put on some beef stew. Beef from Brookside, the carrots & beets are Abington Grown from the Winters Farmer's Market -- they've kept well in the fridge!

Weed whacked garden

Finally got the rack down and moved to the storage shed:

Stews done!

I realized I could put ice cream in the Nutribullet...some coffee strawberry :D

July I continued to work in the garage it became clear I needed just a bit more tool storage for things to come together. For the price new today, it's not worth looking on Craigslist like I did about 10 years ago when I bought my big Craftsmen chest. I also suspect the fall in prices is most stores no longer carry many -- lots of space for an infrequent sale. This was the floor model at Home Depot because I think they're moving to just having one of each on display and drop shipping them if you want one.

July 3rd...first hybrid daylillies of the year!

July 4th -- progress on the garage:

July 4th evening, West Island @ Eric's family place:

July 6th...No idea what they flowers are...they came up where I've planted annual seed before!

Asparagus weeded!

Mah onions!

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