Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Photo Dumping

The checkout girl at the supermarket concurred -- that's the largest either of us have ever seen!

Chili in July. Kaboob and Fajita beef from We-Li-Kit (it wasn't Brookside's week at the Farmer's Market)

The squash got attacked by the presumed Woodchuck again (plus they need bigger cages

Thinking I need flowers on the left side, too.

It Lives! New battery, alternator are in.

Trucks in the garage as I work on putting on a new muffler and tailpipe...

First Squash!
First Tigerlilly!
One of the Daylillies I bought in North Stonington last year:

Put up netting over the blueberries. Still need more tent pegs to secure it, and more wire ties!

First tater harvest of the year:
Accompanying a tuna steak:

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