Sunday, July 26, 2015

July keeps on rolling picture dump...

Baked tater and tomato from Pakulis'? Yes please.

Even if that evening I sat in the living room thinking, "I need to go dig a couple potatoes for dinner, but that would involve putting on pants..."

Ironically, Friday evening I picked my first mater!

There was a wardrobe malfunction Friday o_O:

First mater made into Saturday's lunch:

Spent much of Saturday under the Ranger -- new exhaust from the cat back, change transfer case fluid, topped off rear diff (which is leaking but it's a heck of a procedure to split the diff and replace the seal). I didn't like how the rubber bumpers I originally used on the new brake line were holding up, but I came up with the idea of wrapping it with a fuel line:

My Daylillies always surprise me because I forget what we have:

Veggies for Tsylor's party later:

The old catalytic convertor-to-tailpipe must be bad if the folks at Advanced Auto go "Wow" and ask to take a picture to share with friends:

Finally started splitting the wood:

Garden Veggies at the party:

Cheesy Poofs!

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