Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Here!

That was a hell of an expensive shot of whiskey I had on a Tuesday evening, since I woke up Saturday and decided it was time to bite the bullet:

2014 Mahindra 3016, 28HP, Front end loader, backhoe w/thumb, and forks. Delivered with 8.2 hours on it.

I figured digging the potato bed would be great first practice with the backhoe:

That thing has been in my yard for at least three years, probably four:

Nice contrast between the driveway where I've put down gravel and as it was. It'll still take a fair bit of rake work to smooth out the repaired sections, but that was a lot of progress in just an hour or two.

Pneumatic grease guns are awesome (and a fraction of the price of a cordless one):

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