Friday, April 24, 2015

A good way to go...

Read this on the Dalmatian Owners of America group on Facebook tonight:

I'm very sad to say that a week ago today my Bowie doggy passed away on his afternoon walk. As usual we were taking some time for Bowie in a small park in the middle of Sisters. We had only walked about twenty feet to the nearest tree, where he did the proper sniffing of approval, along with the appropriate honoring of such a nice big old tree. Afterwards he had taken about four steps back towards me when he just completely collapsed. I'm pretty sure he had left to join his spotted brothers before I could even reached him. At the time of his departing we were only three blocks away from his vets office, where upon our arrival the vet confirmed he had passed on. I'm heart broken to have to say goodbye, but Bowie couldn't of found a better way to leave this life than enjoying a nice walk in the park on a bright sunny spring day. R.I.P. My sweet little Bowie doggy.

Gotta say, taking a nice satisfying piss outside then dropping dead wouldn't be a bad way to go.

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