Sunday, April 5, 2015

Giant February & March Photo Dump on Easter

Seems I haven't been keeping up with the blog the last month or so...

February 24th it was a bit nippy.

Almost made me re-think my normal ice coffee on the way to work.

Nice this 'n that salad for dinner.

I've seen some bad accidents myself. I've seen pictures of bad ones too, but damn this one from the T&G was worthy of saving -- car jumped the snow-covered guardrail dividing the Mass Pike and got split in half on impact with a tractor trailer.

Not a great picture in the early morning light (which the iPhone doesn't handle well) of a giant metal grasshopper modern art statute in the back of a pickup o_O

This was an accidental selfie I texted a friend when I hit the wrong button on my iPhone...didn't realize that's what the "camera" icon next to the text field would do! Thankfully other than needing to finish painting the ceiling there wasn't anything embarrassing in the background!

Aunt Gert's 80th Birthday.

With Uncle Ed, oblivious I'm sure to the selfie.

Plan: Buy supermarket tulips to cheer up the house as severe cabin fever sets in. Plant the bulbs later (hope they survive!)

When you have to get in this position to remove two bolts to replace a wheel's worth paying for the work!

April 4th...snow is slowly retreating from the Garden...

But Sandy at Pakulis' had lettuce in her greenhouse!

Those Daylillies sure want the winter to be over!!!!

Easter at Pat's.

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