Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Out with the Vogelzang, in with the Jotul

I stopped at Preston Trading Post on Saturday. I had been considering a Jotul F118 CB Black Bear...which go for about $1800 new. Now they are EPA stoves, with secondary burn system and glass stoves, and a nice stove plate on top (aluminium I think).

Found this one on Craigslist for $400, and the guy called me back Sunday late afternoon so I drove up after work on Monday. It was surprisingly easy for the two of us to put it into the trunk it was so well balanced.

It's probably a 1976. It's not an EPA, and doesn't have a romantic glass door...but it should cut my wood usage in half.

Erik came over on Wednesday after I drove around for two days with junk in my trunk and helped me bring it inside.

I'll have to go get pipes on Saturday (probably at Preston Trading Post, this might be metric). Already decided the brickwork will wait till next year -- looking like $400 worth of cultured stone or brick, plus the supplies and I didn't want to spend that this month.

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