Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden Updates...

I built/extended some new beds inside the fence -- partly because I'm getting more soil in good shape that I can work with to make them :) I planted Sweet Potatoes (in front of the Onion bed), Arugula, Chinese Cabbage, and Kholrabi.

Bib and Red Romaine Lettuce -- I'm really liking both of these!

Look at those onions!
I've been eating snap peas for about a week, I should be able to harvest some to shell tomorrow -- too few were ready tonight.

Beans are coming along.

The cauliflower never did much of anything -- the two plants that survived were still little bigger than when planted. I dug up that bed, extended it, and planted Kholrabi here. I have two more bed extensions I'm in the process of building to the right.

I hilled the celery this week for the first time. It seems to have liked it.

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