Monday, June 23, 2014

Fort Ticonderoga

Saturday, the summer solstice, I decided to cross something off my list I had wanted to do since last year -- see Fort Ticonderoga, which is 5-6 hours away depending just how scenic I make the drive. So after a haircut appointment and dump run, I was on the road about 9am.

Some wooden pallisades being erected -- certainly in it's day wooden pallisades would have surrounded the fort, probably with other impediments to slow down a large attacking force while the cannons did their work.

The sally port to enter the fort (looking outwards)

Mount Defiance, the Achille's heel of Ticonderoga.

Oh! A clay camp oven! I've read of these before :)

The barracks inside the fort were designed to garrison 400 soldiers for the winter. Encamped outside the walls at times the French had another 3,000 men. That's a lot of labor to clear the land and build the fort!

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