Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day stuff...

Starting off with Oscar resting up on New Years Eve in his new bed from Aunt Pat:

Picked up a Router (and yet more Red Oak boards) at Lowes between a gift card and my work Christmas bonus on New Years Eve to be ready for today's projects:

Needed the router to make grooves in the boards to accomodate the pot rack, plus I know I'll need it when I finally get to the point of building the custom desk I want :)

On the woodstove side I need to build a mantle, though I'm starting to get a good idea how I'll built it. It'll continue the red oak trim theme. Also need to some quarter-round to neaten up the wall/ceiling corner. (And that whole ceiling above the woodstove needs work.)

On the kitchen side, I need to move the counter & baker racks it sits on around so I can fix up the wall and window behind it and get that painted this winter (you can see the new color on the woodstove side):

This summer, since I can't do it during wood burning season, I'll get the backer board covered with a cultured stone similar to this:

And also hung up the sign:

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