Thursday, September 6, 2012

Canning Peaches...

Starting to figure this out -- canned peaches today, pears last week (in the background, they'll all go into storage tomorrow):

Let's see:
1 Peck of No. 2 Peaches: $10
2 Cups local honey: $5 (I can find some local still but a bit cheaper)
5 Cups of Water
Produced 9 pints of peaches -- $1.60/pint, and I figure I'd use two of them per week on yogurt & granola for breakfast...compared to Strawberries which I think I was averaging about $3/week on last winter, maybe more.

Time wise:
Bringing the canner up to a boil initially: 90 minutes
Time to process the peaches (blanch for 2 minutes, then skin & cut, and pack a pint as we go with boiling syrup over them): 1 hour. Need the canner boiling before I start so it sterlizes the jars.
Processing: 25 minutes

So start to finish I'm looking at 3 hours, within which there's about an hour of actual work.

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