Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eggplant Sandwich!

This came out very well for winging it:

Garden eggplant egged, breaded, and fried in olive oil. Medium heat 10 minutes, flip, oh about 3-4 minutes.

Garden sweet pepper, Mexican four cheese blend.

Lightly toasted two thick slices of bread (that I baked this morning so nice and moist!).

Bit of spaghetti sauce.

Made into an open face sandwich.

Accompanied by a few Utz potato chips and a Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda (made with cane sugar, plus it's lower in carbonation then most sodas; most over-carbonate to compensate for leakage through plastic, but Hosmer uses glass bottles.)

Nothing like taking healthy garden veggies and making them into a typical American meal :D

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