Sunday, September 5, 2010


Blerg...beautiful weekend and somehow I hurt my foot yesterday so I'm hobbling around. It can bear weight, but hurts to walk.

And despite two trips this week for odds and ends at the Stihl dealer, I was out of two-cycle oil when I went to mix some. :rolleyes:

So when I picked 15# of 'maters before I ran up to Tractor Supply in Putnam to pick some up. Hmmm, got one nice squash on September 5th...latest ever! Although it wasn't much, my experiment with planting multiple crops of squash to avoid the squash vine borers seems like it'll work if I pick a little better place to plant them next year. Gave some to Pam, Courtney, and finally Mom:

More orange then a Syracuse home game:

Chainsaw tool box, way too neat:

Got a good amount of the trees I dropped this spring cut into firewood length. Have quite a bit of brush I need to stack up, but with my foot hurting that wasn't going to happen today.

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