Saturday, September 18, 2010

I remembered this year!

Heard a mention on WINY and put it on my Blackberry calendar so I wouldn't miss it...the Putnam Clipper Invitational Band Competition! I went and enjoyed one quite a while ago, but since then it seemed I always realized it the day after when I'd see the sign still up by Owen Tarr park on my way to Walmart or whatever.

The color guards were very interesting -- some had small color guards, some had big ones. A couple bands with big color guards and small bands had a couple majorettes use instruments on some songs, NFA had a guy and girl who had a ballet background who did a real nice routine. Killingly had only two drum majors and one majorette and used the three of them very creatively -- I can't even think of how to easily describe the really cool combination of acting and gymnastics the three of them did.

Here's a video someone already uploaded of the Montville band:

Their set consisted of cartoon theme songs thus the color guard dressed in pajamas.

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