Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More work done :)

Trellis netting is up, had to "stitch" a bunch of pieces together with wire ties to make it fit without stretching.

Peas (Little Marvel) & Onions planted along the front of the trellis. Bought more peas (Tall Telephone) to go on the back side but haven't planted.

Put up the brace wires on one corner. Learned I needed bigger turnbuckles then I had to properly tension it. Also learned too much tension makes them go out of square!

This is a great blog post explaining how H-braces work:

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Rebecca Foster said...

You've been very busy! It's still very cold here where I am. A garden seems a long ways away...

My dad used to turn our basement into a mini-green house. I have fond memories of all the seedlings awaiting transplant. I was a master weeder! But I never could get a damn thing to grow. I have a black thumb.