Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Front section of fence is up!

Well, the front section of the fence is up. Not the most photogenic...even if you click for the larger version it's not easy to see the 1" x 2" mesh.

As I was admiring my handiworked, I realized at 40' x 20'...there will be a larger area inside the fence then the square footage of living space in my home!

Hopefully I can get the potatoes in this weekend (they'll be outside of and in front of the fence), and get the back side of the fence up this weekend. Still have to trench the backside, install knee braces for the 4x4 posts there, and I'm going to make a "cage" out of some fencing for the southwest corner post which is the shallowest one...that cage will be filled with all the rocks I've been digging up and the weight will help to brace it.

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