Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cut down a white ash

Got to pop my cherry on using a chainsaw bar bigger then 20"...put the 25" one on for this one!

Was cutting out some small stuff, all under 4" diameter, red maples yesterday and decided this would be a good BTU donor:

Sized it up this morning, decided I could justify the 25" bar. First time I used the bar I bought last year. My MS-360 with the 25", and the 024AV with it's 18":

Tree started to lean on it's own, so I didn't wedge. I should've stopped at that point and checked to make sure I was cutting straight, because I didn't my hinge was wider on the off side.

Mostly down. I'll let this settle a bit, then after I cut some of the rest away I'll twitch the small hang up out of the other tree with my truck and a tow strap.

That was all for today. I had a half-dozen medium sized red maples and boxelders I wanted to drop, but the wind picked up a bit, not a lot but enough to make it difficult to drop them with precision. I'll leave those for another morning when it's dead calm again.

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