Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden Update

Photos to come later.

-- Tomatoes doing well.

-- Corn doing well.

-- Beans took a big hit from the rabbits, so I'm short on developing bushes.

-- Beans & Sunflowers likewise took a big hit.

-- Potatoes looking good, but I suspect most of them are growing underground instead of in the straw :(. I got the BT San Diego in the mail, really fast shipping! Came in Priority Mail for Saturday. Now, if I just have a few days it looks like it won't rain!

-- I took the row cover off yesterday. Plants were way too crowded underneath it!

-- It's July 1st and the first hybrid daylillie opened!

-- It's also July 1st and I have yet to see a Squash Bug...BUT I found a bronze egg mass today that indicates I have some around! I'll have to plan tomorrow afternoon to spend an hour doing a plant inspection seeking and destroying the eggs.

-- Also need to get the bird netting over the blueberries, and take pictures/document which bushes aren't pollinating so I can order mates for them for next year.

-- Flushed one rabbit, but it went in a direction I couldn't shoot. Will try again later.

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