Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Steak in the Broiler...

Been extremely busy with work, and even today the 4th worked a few hours this morning -- plus I worked a few hours each over the weekend. By the end of this week that'll make 12 days straight which isn't a record but getting up there (17 is what I recall as my record).

Napped most of the afternoon trying to let my fried brain decompress a bit

Anyway, heavy rain today -- several inches. And I had a steak that needed to be cooked.

Tried it in the Breville oven, which definitely cooked it but I probably won't do again because towards the end I had a couple flare ups inside. Didn't brown the outside, but it was cooked.

The vegetables to go with it though, they came out well. Used bacon fat I had saved as the shortening.

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