Monday, May 30, 2022

May 29, 2022 -- Pre-Running the Green Trails for Wheeling for Warriors

Got asked to lead the "stock friendly" Green Trails on Class VI roads in New Hampshire.

Had a couple roads that I checked early on that I won't use for the run. Meeting House Hill Road (where the cemetery pics come from) was bouldered off on the north end very recently; hoping maybe just for until a logging project is done but probably won't be re-opened :(

Still enough I should have about 60 miles in 6 hours for a group of 12 Jeeps.

I am so pissed I didn't bring my good many neat things (including ones I didn't take iPhone snapshots of) that I came across.

And when I'm not in a group there is time to stop and take the photos.

You find telephone poles (and lines!) in the darndest places!

...and stop signs in even more darnder spots!

(Windshield wasn't clean, so I lost a lot of photos that the iPhone struggled to focus because of the bug splatter :( )

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