Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Trip Day 2

Photos may be running behind due to idiosyncracies with the iPhone updating with the MacBook over hotel wifi :/

New Stanton, PA to Evansville, IN -- 515 miles, 9am to 7:30pm (Eastern)...though as I type this it is now 7:00pm Central.

Pictures will remain fairly boring for a couple more days as I try to just get out to New Mexico as fast as practical.

I had a thought of getting off the interstate to take a pic on side roads at the state lines as I crossed...thankfully I checked Google maps because this is the wonderfully scenic Pennsylvania / West Virginia border -- and that is U.S. 40!:

...and the route I went the Ohio, Kentuck, and Indiana borders all involved crossing the Ohio River so there isn't second tier highways crossing it.

Cool railroad bridge over the Mongahela(?)

West Virginia


At the first rest stop, I re-jiggered what was in which bags a bit to make it easier for the hotel rooms. I'm probably a bit over packed (at least one bag too many clothes). There is also three grocery bags which are most of my food and sanitary needs for the month.

Resting my feet in Ohio (2nd rest stop break of the day, so about four hours into the day)...Ohio corn country just smells...different. Lack of woodlands maybe?

Resting my feet in Kentucky a couple hours later :)

Cincinnatti's highways...suck. And didn't look like any easy bypass of the city. Did I mention it sucked?

Meanwhile Louisville...this is 5pm traffic?! Smooth flowing other than some reasonable construction slowdown leaving the city. They Interstate was smooth flowing -- puts places like Cincy / Hartford / Springfield / Providence to shame.
Couldn't get a good pic (don't worry, was stopped for construction traffic)...Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railway Bridge. Had (narrow) automobile & truck lanes on either side of the main span. I couldn't quite tell from what was on Wikipedia if this 1912 version of the bridge also allowed pedestrians; the original version was conceived to support trains, trolleys, horse-drawn vehicles, and pedestrians.


Did run through a few spots that they were combining corn. The dust they kicked up tastes like the taste you get walking by silage, but a very dry silage :D

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Donna. W said...

Keep it up and you'll hit Missouri, God's country.