Sunday, March 21, 2021

Ups and Downs of a Rear Diff ...and how my long week was...

So it ended up being a long week for me -- emergency patching on the F5 equipment kept me up to 11 on Wednesday and Thursday. As well as Saturday but I had to roll those back *sigh*.

So somehow this became emblematic of my week -- since I wanted to open the diff to check if the e-locker was working, following my "if you're doing the labor upgrade the parts" rule I got a heavy duty Poison Spyder cover.

But...I ordered the wrong part number and got the unpainted one.

Hmmm, screw it -- can of Husqvarna Orange spray paint from Lowes and my pumpkin will be pumpkin colored:

Then I got double-dog dared to paint the spyder. How to mask it? Googled for a bit and came across using Vaseline.

With the vaseline mostly removed:

First Bronco (Sport) I've seen in the wild, albeit still Dealer plates:

Oh, new (short) road to explore in RI, but I think I found a slightly longer one near it as well. Didn't go down them today, checked maps at home though and they look good to explore:

Danielle came over to pickup more of the black & yellow bins left over from my house rebuild:

Allen Hill & Rukstella Road as they start cleaning up the field edges ahead of the solar development (I think with gravel extraction first?):

That doesn't look too bad... the tools that took off the old cover don't fit to put on the new thicker cover without dropping the trackbar (which would then need me to break out jacks I think to re-position everything). Off to HF for some box wrench-to-socket adapters and a low profile 3/8". The adapters did the trick, and the low-profile wrench wasn't low profile enough.

Well, shit. How did I break a bolt using a torque wrench? I was going around double checking I hit all the bolts (at least all but the two the torque wrench wouldn't fit to get to that I just had to guesstimate with a regular wrench)...hey did I forget this bolt? Wrench isn't clicking then...snap.

So I'm thinking one or more of these issues occured: HF wrench isn't the most accurate, bad bolt, picked up some vaseline I didn't fully clean from the cover and it lubricated the threads.

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