Monday, February 15, 2021

Snow & Sea

Saturday there was a snow run with the club...but first, snow melting from the Jeep made ice cubes in the treads:

Before I bury the lede, the two good videos.

Went to drop Eric back off at Harbor Freight while the rest of the guys got through this snow bank and had lunch. No problem, I followed them without issues all morning.


The morning run:

The afternoon when I went to see if I could catch up with the rest...waited for them to finish the tough loop to make sure I could easily get back out :D

Took Patriot's Day off...bee-bopped down to the shore.

That is a nice sized house!

So many houses I want to take pictures of...(with my good camera!)

...and Coasties.


New dock / launch at Quonnie. There were floating docks taken out for winter.

Wauregan Reservoir...took an even more round about way home and poked around a lot of places.

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