Sunday, February 7, 2021

Saturday, Snow Sliding, Sunday, Super Bowl...

"Let's go to the supermarket!"

"Let's go to the supermarket in another 20 minutes!"

Post Office
Sweet Peas
Liquor Store

...trying to get to Tipsy for 10am...

Does feel a bit like cheating when I only need to go 7 miles mostly on back roads, prepping the Jeep in the garage :)

So I don't bury the lede...some video shot by Jim K.:

(Need to edit this first video a little, made some notes watching it tonight ... I'm definitely no editor, but I'm getting a bit better figuring things out):

Got to Tipsy at 10:20. Stuck in traffic jam for about 40 minutes there LOL...most of the folks were going the "easier" route. When some more Rubicon or better built Jeeps showed up I got into the middle of that pack to go the "difficult" route.

Gosh...I want to like this photo. Yeah, I know the focus isn't right. My good camera I wonder if I could get the pic of the roof open but the WJs out of focus?

...and the first time my Jeep has winched itself.
...and second time.
...and third time.
I think 4 out of 6 Jeeps had to winch themselves up.

Bunch more videos (not mine):

So in 2-1/2 hours I covered 0.7 miles :) A lot of the rest of the pack I was in went to do the "easier" loop. But I needed to get going, had steaks to get into a sous vide and then up to Charlton to see Eric who bought an ATV and damn that thing was fun to drive. Oh, and he bought 35 acres near his house with some other folks.

Bacon-grease fried onions and peppers:

Knife Sharpening :)

Snow Griling

Three snow storms are predicted this week -- Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday-Friday. So protein for the week :). Porterhouse and London Broil.

Super Bowl Sunday...6" in the first 3 hours, and we ended up with 9" after about six hours.

We were in a narrow "Jackpot" Band:

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Donna. W said...

As a Chiefs fan, you can imagine how Cliff and I felt about the Super Bowl. They just didn't look like they felt like playing! Maybe because Coach Andy's son might be responsible for a little girl being hurt in a wreck the day before Super Bowl. Probably not though. I guess I should just admit their performances sucked worse than the half-time show.