Saturday, November 30, 2019

The first Jeep picture dump

Being delivered on Wednesday

2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, 53,200 miles.

Friday -- moving the trailer from Mom & Ed's to my place:

Saturday began with installing the fire extinguisher and putting the collapsible shovel in the storage compartment:

Let's call this Mission 3 (Mission 1 was a quick trip in the fields off Rukstella Road and Mission 2 was Wolf Den Drive which hasn't been maintained to proper standards since 1990-ish due to a town & state parks dispute).

Entered Bull Hill about 7:48 and was out about 8:20.

I'm pretty amazed how sure footed Ryuk is just from the gearing / wheelbase / tires / suspension; never even put in 4wd.

Went to Walmart. Still kind of chilly, and my knees were bothering me from walking around Mission 4 over Quarry Road and (mo pics) Mission 5 over Angell / Nightingale Road.

Slipped into 4wd for this mud puddle just to be safe, and there was a couple spots on Nightingale Road I did just to be safe. And hte very end was somewhat steep and covered with leaves and possible brush pushed there by a plow and/or dumped...popped it into 4wd and I suspect wouldn've had wheel spin otherwise (even though I would've made it up).

Mission 6 -- not even sure what this place is called, the beginning looks a bit rough and I never tried going down before.

2/10/2020 -- cleaning up my computer at work, adding the dealer photos:

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