Tuesday, October 15, 2019

RIP Jotul F118...

I really liked this stove, and had hoped to get another year or two out of it.

When I cleaned it up getting ready to set it up today, it was very obvious this wasn't just a surface rust issue -- it was a legitimate crack. The other side had a similar crack if not a few other spots starting to fracture.

So down to Preston Trading Post I go..."I'd like a Jotul F118B with a glass door, delivered to Brooklyn."

"No longer available from the factory. EPA regulations taking effect in 2020."


The good (?) news is the only other Jotul stove somewhat in the range of what I needed is an F45 and it cost a little less, and I should be able to get it a bit further back to save space. Probably won't burn quite as long, and it definitely won't take the long logs my F118 could (max 18" on the new one), and it doesn't have the cool castings. Going to be about two weeks before I get that delivered.

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