Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Late summer photo dump...

So some days you're just driving down the road, and think your car has caught on fire, only to find the "smoke" is the extinguisher that went off in your trunk :D

Don't see that parked on the side of the street, even in Dudley, every day.

The jeep I took for a test ride.

...Friday night fire at Aunt Joy's

With a beautiful sun rise the next day...

As I went to take the test to get my Ham radio license back at the former Yalesville fire station in Wallingford...

And went to watch Jeeps at a jamboree in Ellington for a bit.

Sam's 50th

Finally got a new wallet for the first time in 10? 15? years...all I remember is buying it at Brookstone. It was pretty much starting to fall apart.

Stafford Cidery has cans now...w00t!!!

Bear Den area of Nipmuck State Forest...f'ing state keeps closing off areas. I'm hoping this is a temporary closure for management reasons like gypsy moth damage. Gate isn't their typical style and had multiple locks on it indicating various parties still have access.

I think the weather service computer has a glitch :D

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