Sunday, September 29, 2019

Driveway work continues....

Mostly down to some hand work with a rake, then rent a vibratory roller.

Saturday the 21st, before I headed up to Sam's in the afternoon:

Tuesday morning I ordered some 3/4" crushed stone for the top of the driveway, it's probably been 15 years maybe 16 since I put stone down up here and it was pretty much driven into the underlying soil at this point :)

The stone in excess of where I wanted to spread it I used by the garage and old playhouse.

It is still pretty lose, but I'm betting once I have the roller in here it will settle down quite a bit.

Da Fleet, before mowing on Friday.

Saturday 9/28 I smoothed out the last rough spot by the garden and I hauled some more fill for up by the garage.

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