Saturday, December 24, 2016

Do we still have journalists or do editors just wait for random gibberish to appear coherent and then publish that?

So I followed a Salon link from Google News today and found this amazing piece of writing:

The idea that liberals — especially women and people of color — are all a bunch of lazy people on the dole (which the United States doesn’t even have, in any meaningful sense) isn’t about facts or reality. It’s just a stereotype that’s widely adopted to dehumanize liberals.

That, I suspect, goes a long way towards explaining the paradox that confounds so many liberal journalists and pundits: How can lower-income white people who rely heavily on the social safety net, especially in places like Appalachia, keep on voting for candidates whose avowed aim is to take it away?

1) We don't have a dole in the U.S.;
2) It's used as a stereotype to dehumanize people;
3) Poor white people on the dole vote against their interests, therefore can not be rational humans.


Who writes that?

What editor allows that to be published?

Was it an incredible hack job by an editor of what had been a coherent point? I doubt it, but at least it would provide the author an excuse other than being completely blind to their own prejudice.

I already posted on FB today, in response to an fake news article posted by someone who is better than that, of an "Alleged CNN report" -- how the hell do you have "alleged" CNN reports; it either exists or not. Unless you're grown men gossiping like middle school girls.

The mind numbing idiocy is not limited, or even disproportionately distributed, among either political extreme. Their words may differ, not their inability to see outside of their intellectual safe space.

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